Taking the Visual Arts
Outdoors: Secondary

Taking the Visual Arts Outdoors: Secondary is an online course which explores what makes the outdoors different for an artist, learning from those who use the outdoor environment for their materials or their canvas.

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About this course

The ever-changing nature of the outdoors provides us with a multitude of themes for visual arts, serving as a rich source of inspiration for secondary art lessons. School grounds provide us with diverse ways to teach and a unique space in which creativity can be encouraged and displayed.

Through taking the visual arts outdoors, educators can support children and young people’s artistic development by giving pupils the freedom to be expressive, to experiment, to look at things differently.

Taking the Visual Arts Outdoors: Secondary will introduce you to new ideas, research, and practice to help develop your confidence in an outdoor learning setting. During this online course, you will:

  • Explore visual-arts opportunities that engage pupils with and in the outdoor environment of school grounds
  • Learn about and from artists who use the outdoor environment as their inspiration, canvas or materials
  • Be inspired by the potential that the outdoor environment provides for creative and innovative visual arts
  • Develop a knowledge of visual arts skills and techniques that you can use with your pupils outdoors

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