Taking History Outdoors:

Taking History Outdoors: Secondary is an online course which will introduce you to simple ways to take and develop some core history activities outdoors, with ideas that can be adapted for all secondary levels and stages.

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About this course

When we think about studying history, we might imagine piles of books, dusty archives, and lots of reading. However, the outdoors can also be a fantastic environment for encouraging secondary school pupils to think like historians.

By taking learning outdoors, we can expand the range of opportunities for pupil-led investigations throughout the year. There are many aspects of ‘how things worked’ that are better demonstrated by pupils doing than by the practitioner explaining, even with diagrams or animations. In fact, school grounds are often more suitable than classrooms for some typical history activities!

Taking History Outdoors: Secondary will introduce you to new ideas, research, and practice to help develop your confidence in an outdoor learning setting. During this online course, you will:

  • Increase your understanding of how taking history lessons outdoors can make the subject more accessible and beneficial for all pupils
  • Explore how some core history concepts and activities might be better learned outside
  • Reflect on how you can integrate more outdoor learning opportunities into your history teaching

About our online training

Completing one of our online training courses will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to reap the benefits of outdoor learning and play in your practice.

Created by experts who understand the challenges and barriers you face, each course includes interactive elements, carefully curated resources, action research opportunities, and moments for professional reflection.

We know that local context is important so, instead of providing you with one toolkit, our online courses include a range of ideas and readings, giving you the freedom to focus on the aspect of outdoor learning and play that you find most important.

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