Working across Europe, North America, Africa and Australasia.

LtL Goes Global

We have been working with, and in, an ever-increasing number of countries around the world and we have run training and presented at conferences in Europe, North America, Africa and Australasia.

As a founding member of the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA), we continue to sit on the leadership council and are excited to be hosting the 2020 conference in Scotland.

Do you need support to develop your school grounds or help with your outdoor curriculum?

What do we do?

We support the development of school grounds across the world, from schools who have never taken a lesson outdoors to working with some of the world leaders, we bring a global understanding to the everyday issues and challenges schools and educators face.

We do this in key ways:

We work with the staff and students to understand how they currently use their outdoor space.

We help develop the local curriculum to make best use of the outdoors and surrounding natural environment.

We support parent and carers to understand the importance of outdoor learning and play.

We can work with local designers to make sure they design space that gives the best possible outcomes to the school and local community

We listen, so we understand the importance of local knowledge and cultural diversity

What else is involved?

Our work around Europe has grown through our involvement in a series of Erasmus + projects working in countries as diverse as Slovakia, Denmark, Italy and Malta. Projects have focused on topics including, developing school grounds and helping to change and develop government policy.

In addition to developing our work in Europe we are also working with schools and early years settings in the Far East. We help them to develop their grounds as well as enabling schools to use them to their full potential, through learning, play and contact with nature. This includes consulting with pupils and staff and undertaking training with teachers and support staff.

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