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Climate School 180

Through effective professional development and support to overcome barriers to change, Climate School 180 aims to inspire and deliver a quality Climate Change Education to all children and young people.

The project seeks to address school needs around culture, curriculum, pedagogy, and prioritise challenges around climate justice and equity. We will partner with 180 schools, and for many this will be a 180° turn around in how Climate Change Education is approached and delivered.

As a Climate School 180 partner school, you will share our ambition to develop constructive hope through equipping children and young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively participate in and advocate for positive changes in relation to climate change. You will have the support of a cohort of colleagues, including the Head Teacher, who will be passionate about the need for quality Climate Change Education. Your school will also have an outdoor space which can be used for learning and adaptation to our changing climate.

Below we list the commitment from you to be one of our 180 project schools.

Apply to be a Climate School 180 partner school

What does the project involve?

The project starts with a six-week phase of preparation and training and will include:  

  • An initial 4-hour online training programme for your staff on Thinkific. 
  • A climate impact and adaptation audit of your school grounds. 
  • A 3–4-hour in-service training session in school for a small cohort of staff.  

After our initial support, you will independently take forward the project with the support of LtL through: 

  • Participation in our online Climate Change Education community on Thinkific. 
  • A suite of resources to support your development of Climate Change Curriculum and training for colleagues.  
  • A suite of resources to guide practical adaptations to your school grounds. 


Following the initial 6-week programme we expect schools to develop a whole-school approach to Climate Change Education and/or have CCE on your school development plan within one academic year. This will likely include wider staff training, knowledge building, co-construction of curriculum and learning experiences, practical adaptation of your school grounds, and an intention to share your learning with other schools. 

Your commitment

  • Your school engages fully with the training and support programme, requiring a core cohort of school staff to engage. The core cohort will likely include at least one senior manager and a selection of teaching staff across stages and curricular responsibilities.  
  • The in-person training is delivered as a single session of at least 3 hours, in combination with a Climate Site Audit, on a mutually agreed date within 2 academic terms of a successful application. 
  • You will share staff names and their own school email to access our Thinkific online learning platform. 
  • Staff complete the online training before the in-person training.  
  • You will agree to submit feedback as part of the programme evaluation with Stirling University and Learning through Landscapes. 

Timetable for Applications

We have four rounds of applications. There will be a shortlisting process followed by phone or teams discussion with your head teacher. Schools who are successful will be notified three weeks after applications close (school holidays notwithstanding). 

We are looking for 180 schools to partner with. The early rounds of applications will see a greater number of opportunities than the later rounds. The application dates are as follows:

RoundOpening dateClosing date
1March 25, 2024May 17, 2024
2August 19, 2024October 25, 2024
3January 13, 2025February 21, 2025
4April 2, 2025May 9, 2025

Apply for Climate School 180 funding

Please be as honest as possible on your application.  

We are not seeking schools who necessarily have excellent practice in Climate Change Education or who have amazing green grounds. We are seeking schools who have a motivation to develop their practice and curriculum, who have opportunity with the whole school community, and who have support from the Head Teacher. Please demonstrate this in your application. 

We are also seeking a range of schools in terms of size, geographic location, age/stage. Applications are open to all Northern Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English schools with state funding. We will prioritise applications from schools who are disadvantaged or serve communities most affected by climate change. 

All shortlisted applications will be discussed with the Head Teacher, or appropriate member of senior management team, as part of our process of diligence and selection.

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