Climate School 180

Climate School 180 is Learning through Landscapes’ new climate-focused initiative. The project aims to develop and share a better understanding of how schools can implement quality climate education, alongside providing first-hand experience of creating nature-based solutions to climate change in the school grounds.

Working in partnership with many organisations, including the University of Stirling and Climate Adapted Pathways for Education (CAPE), we are delivering the project to 180 primary and secondary schools across all four nations, working with landscape architects, climate and nature experts, teachers, and pupils themselves.

Our ground breaking project aims to develop a constructive hope by:

  1. Develop training for educators: Design and implement a comprehensive training programme for educators in schools to enhance their understanding of using and adapting school grounds as essential components of climate change education.
  2. Identify changes in school grounds: Systematically identify and initiate sustainable changes in school grounds to address the impact of climate change. This involves assessing and transforming existing hard surfacing or maintained grass areas, with the goal of creating long-term nature-based solutions that contribute to climate resilience.
  3. Empower children and young people: Equip children and young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively participate in and advocate for positive changes within their school grounds. Through hands-on experiences and immersive learning opportunities, we will empower students to become stewards of their environment and active contributors to climate change mitigation efforts.

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About Climate School 180

Climate School 180 seeks to address school needs around culture, curriculum, pedagogy, and inequality through effective professional development and support to overcome barriers to change.

Teachers from participating schools will learn how to deliver high-quality climate education, and how to plan for and make changes to their school grounds. Our approach enables children and young people to build knowledge and skills for the future, as well as develop the tools to make a difference now.

By prioritising quality climate education, Climate School 180 will create a legacy of confident teachers, school grounds adapted for a changing future, and well-educated young people motivated to take climate action beyond school.

Learn more about our recommendations for delivering effective climate education or find resources to support you in creating Climate Ready School Grounds.

Get involved

If you’re interested in supporting Climate School 180 as we continue to develop the project over the coming months, please get in touch with our COO & Scotland Director, Matt Robinson, or our Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser, Hannah Stewart.

Alternatively, if you would like to participate in the project as a school, sign up to our newsletter to find out how to get involved as soon as the details become available.

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