Why we’re taking the time out to rest, reflect and readjust to the “new normal”.

We’ve decided to give our staff a week off to process the ever-changing whirlwind that the entire world has found itself in. And this is why.

There is no escaping the fact that we are all facing a major change in our lifestyle and circumstances, unlike anything we have ever experienced. This is a lot to take in. For many of us, it can be difficult to know where to even start processing these changes.

Here at Learning through Landscapes, we are dedicated to supporting our community throughout this difficult time. We have recently launched our Facebook support forums to guide “at home” learning and play, and we will continue to fill these free spaces with positive, valuable content to help children, parents and teachers in the next few months.

But we are also dedicated to our staff; our wonderful, passionate team who are equally having to quickly adjust to a new way of life.

This is why we will be giving the entire LtL workforce a week off from Monday 6 April to Tuesday 14 April.

We are doing this because we believe it is essential that people are given the space to pause and do whatever is needed to nurture their minds.

If the pandemic – so far – has taught us anything, it’s that slowing down and caring for our health (both physical and mental) is truly vital.

We will still have someone keeping a watchful eye on our different social platforms, and our free support groups will remain open and working.

But, for the next week, we all just need to focus on looking inwards and spending precious time with the people close to us.

We hope you all understand and, perhaps, can even do the same.


We appreciate that we are incredibly lucky to be given this time to hit the brakes, and it is important that we thank all those that cannot step away from the vital services they are delivering during this pandemic. Each and every one of you is incredible.

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