LtL Training Update – November 16th 2020

Dear colleagues

We have continued our work in schools and early years settings as we believe that outdoor learning and play have never been more needed than now. Outdoor learning and play are vital to the physical, social and mental health of many children, many of whom are not getting outdoors other than at school or nursery. A further benefit of happier and healthier children is improved pupil engagement and attainment.

Considering the continuing infections and changing guidance from all four national governments we have re-evaluated our risk assessments and working practices. Our priority has always been the safety of our staff and customers, which we balance against the benefits our work brings.

We have decided to put in place some additional control measures. This includes visiting a maximum of three schools per week over non-consecutive days, to enable Test and Trace to work effectively. Additionally, we have reduced staff travel and asked them to work only outdoors, reducing time in school buildings to a toilet break.

We are offering all our training customers the opportunity to use a digital workshop instead of face to face training. Every customer has flexibility in booking dates and times, and we are doing our best to meet every request. For some sessions and settings, a face to face session remains our and your preferred option.

This applies to all our projects and programmes as of the 16th November 2020.

I do recognise that this will require some current bookings to be adjusted.

As a reminder, all our risk management documents are to be found here.

I hope these decisions will assure you of our commitment to both our aims as a charity and your own health and wellbeing. I and all the LtL staff are happy to discuss this with you if you would like, please get in contact.

Kind Regards

Matt Robinson

LtL Scotland Director

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Primary school children enjoy outdoor learning