#WeeVoicesBigActions – Activity Ideas

Below are how three settings are taking on the Wee Voices Big Actions campaign on the 10th of December. You can read more about the idea by reading our original post – click here.

We would encourage all of you to join in – please share online with the #WeeVoicesBigActions hash tag. You can also drop us at LtL an email ( training@ltl.org.uk ) with some details of what you are planning for the day, and we will share on this website and social media for you.


Forgandenny school have a day full of activities planned for their Day of Action #weevoicebigactions on December 10th. They are busy making banners for their whole school march first thing in the school morning to raise awareness of the issues in the local community. Pupils are keen to ‘tell people what is going on in the world’ and ‘let people know more about the world’.

After the march P4-7 are hoping lots of parents and people from the community will come along and help plant a hedge along the side of the school play area. Later in the day P3-5 will be doing a litter pick and will be virtually linked with Dunbarney School as they litter pick at the same time. P1/2 will be making musical instruments from domestic packaging and creating music with them with the help of a parent while P6/7 finish the hedge planting.

In the afternoon, P6/7 will create their own Eco-Christmas tree, reusing, recycling and upcycling anything they can find to create a festive feel in the classroom. P1/2 are back outside the school to build a bug hotel and P3/4/5 will spend the afternoon eco-crafting with packaging materials. P6/7 end the day with a debate on ‘This house believes everyone has the right to cheap clothes’ – parents will be invited along to hear the arguments for and against the case.


Bathgate Early Years Centre are looking forward to taking part in #weevoicesbigactions Day of Action on December 10th. As well as involving and promoting this day to our families, they will also involve their local community too.

Bathgate ELC have invited thier local Tesco Community Champion to come in and work with the children on food choices, where our food comes from and what is wasted.

They will also be working with the council’s Cleaner Communities Team on the 10th December, taking part in recycling games and learning about what goes in which bin. Other planned activities are; planting beans with recycled jars donated by parents, making bird feeders using recycled milk cartons from their snack, stories and a litter pick in the local area.


Dunbarney Primary are holding an exhibition where the children will each have created a piece of artwork and a piece of writing around the climate change theme. The work will be displayed and the community (and other classes) will be invited to come along and speak to the children about what they have learned.

There will also be films shown on a loop, made by the children, to highlight different aspects of climate change and what we can all do about it. The class have split themselves into 6 groups: Two film making groups, a banner group, a leaflet group, a comms group (in charge of the online campaign and letting people know what we are doing, invites etc) and a logistics group, who are in charge of organising the event.

The event is child led, the groups are also child led and they are all mega keen to make the event a success! The final part of the event will be to encourage the community attendees to the rally to come for a litter pick with us after the exhibition.


Four resources for more ideas and inspiration

  1.  Consult the children – what is on their mind, what are they aware of or wish to learn about or improve?
  2. Visit the Learning for Sustainability Scotland website
  3.  Visit the IDEAS for Global Citizenship website
  4.  Visit our LtL outdoor lesson ideas, many of which will inspire you.
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