Would you like to take part in an early years mental health research project?

The project is called Social & Emotional Learning through bringing nature back to schools  in short SEL for Schools.

We are aware of the impact Covid has/is still having on our children’s social skills and wellbeing over the last couple of years. We hope that this project will support the development and overall wellbeing of children, as well as being beneficial to the living creatures found within the school site – e.g. birds. By developing knowledge of nature, and positive attitudes towards nature/the outdoors, this will support students social and emotional skills and increase their wellbeing.

Project activities are divided into 3 stages:

  1. Carrying out the research questionnaires in the groups of early years students (minimum of 15 children). These will test knowledge, social and emotional skills and connectedness to nature. Timing- January – February 2022.
  2. Implementation of new programme of activities to support social and emotional learning using the theme of birds. Timing – March –  June 2022.
  3. Repeat research questionnaires (June – July  2022).

We need you to:

  • Have at least 15 children aged 5 years
  • Be able to start straight away

If you are interested. We would need you to hit the ground running and try to complete the initial questionnaires as soon as possible. You will have support from Learning though landscapes and our international partners. Please contact Claire Abercrombie cabercrombie@ltl.org.uk

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