School Membership

£300.00 for 1 year


(£250 + VAT)

Take outdoor learning and play at your school to the next level!

As an LtL Member you will have access to:

Exclusive discounts

  • In-person and online training
  • Educational books
  • School equipment and resource suppliers
  • Ethical shopping for staff

Exclusive resources

  • Auditing and planning tools
  • “A Year of Outdoor Homework” resource
  • Regularly updated list of funding and grants
  • Outdoor learning and play policy templates
  • Regularly updated webinar recordings

PLUS you will get eligibility and support for the “LtL Outdoor Learning & Play Champion School” award, only available to member schools.

LtL Membership gives you access to a comprehensive set of tools and support that will enable you to deliver an exceptional level of outdoor learning and play.


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