Studying global environmental issues through local places

About Bioprofiles

Bioprofiles is an ERASMUS+ funded project in which Learning through Landscapes worked in partnership with environmental education organisations and teachers from Slovakia, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The aim of the project has been to encourage outdoor environmental education, using the local area around secondary schools. Together, the partnership has worked with teachers across the four nations to create and test a package of support resources that are now available for free to schools through the ‘Teaching Green’ website and listed below.

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Environmental Education
Lessons and Resources

The project covers the following 14 topics or ‘environmental indicators’:

  • Water – Retention ability & Saving
  • Biodiversity – Ecosystems & Invasive plants
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage – Emotional mapping & Getting out into our heritage
  • Air – Acidity of rain & CO2 production
  • Energy – Ecological footprint & Stand by
  • Waste – Illegal dumping & There is an alternative
  • Human Environment – Green Spaces & Noise measurement

As well as the individual resources, the project has created a handbook and a series of case studies to inspire you. You can download all the lesson resources below, read the case studies or undertake free online training by visiting the project website.

Project Resources

Bioprofiles Handbook

Case Studies


Water retention ability of the landscape

A lesson looking at the water retention ability of landscapes and surfaces around the school site.

Water consumption at home

A lesson looking at water consumption at home or school.


Mapping of Ecosystems

A lesson using online mapping and a local journey on foot to explore ecosystems and their benefits.


Mapping of invasive plant species

A lesson investigating invasive species local to the school.

Natural and Cultural Heritage

Quality of the environment

This lesson considers the quality of the local environment – and it’s impact on human health and wellbeing.

Our local heritage

A study of local cultural and natural heritage, ideal for Geography studies.


Measuring the acidity of rain

A practical study of the acidity of rain, and how it impacts the local environment.

Greenhouse Gas Production (CO2)

A lesson investigating CO2 production related to pupils own journeys. Ideal for relating climate change to personal behaviours.


Ecological Footprints

A study of ecological footprints, comparing globally to student’s personal footprint.

Energy Consumption

A homework enquiry looking at energy consumption while appliances are on standby.


Illegal Dumping

Mapping of illegal dumping and litter in the local environment.

Recycling and zero waste

An opportunity for learners to understand how much waste the school and they generate in a single day.

Human Environment

Quality of public greenspace

Using online maps and a local journey, pupils will asses the quality of greenspace around their local area.

Noise Pollution Study

Using free apps, students will study noise pollution in their school and local environment.

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