Lord Remnant CVO FCA
Former LtL Patron (served 2000 – 2022)

“Learning through Landscapes does remarkable work, helping thousands of schools and nurseries give children memorable experiences of learning outdoors. I have always believed this to be the basis of a happy, healthy and active life, and would encourage you to support this vital work.”

About Lord Remnant

Lord Remnant was the founding Chairman of the Learning through Landscapes Trust from its inception in 1989 until 2000, when he handed on the role to Sir Bob Reid and became LtL’s Patron.

Lord Remnant always had a strong empathy with the land and the landscape and combined this with an interest in supporting young people to be active outdoors. He was therefore an ideal Chairman, steering the development of the Trust in those early, formative years. As Executive Chairman of the international asset management company Touche Remnant and with a long distinguished career in the City, Lord Remnant helped guide the Trust towards support from the city and built a strong foundation for the charity, on which it has based its subsequent growth and influence.

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