LtL Training update – face to face work

I wanted to write this piece to explain our current Covid controls while delivering in school, early years or childcare settings.

Our decisions are based on Government advice and our own risk judgements. Our priority has been the safety of our staff and protecting our customers.

We have not seen any staff Covid illness or been involved in any transmission or isolating issue related to one of our customers so far. This set against delivering many hundreds of face to face sessions through 2020. We have not delivered any face to face sessions so far in 2021.

We are restarting our face to face work after Easter 2021. Some control measures remain in place and will be reviewed by our staff team each month.

Those controls are:

  • We will work outdoors wherever possible – we know outdoors is safer than indoors, with much lower transmission rates.
  • Our staff team will adhere to high standards of personal protection, through handwashing, mask wearing where needed, and awareness of Covid transmission routes throughout their work and personal lives.
  • Our staff will leave a full 24 hours between face to face venues. This allows some time for venues or staff to become aware of any issues or infections.
  • All our equipment will be isolated for 24 hours.
  • Our staff are encouraged to make early decisions and communicate with our customers over local outbreaks or concerns.

We are determined to keep on with our work. Now more than ever our children need a positive play experience, contact with nature and a varied learning experience. Our work has huge impact on children’s health and well-being, and our judgment is that with the controls we have in place the benefits outweigh the risks.

If you have any questions please speak to the LtL team member you have contact with. Alternatively you can also speak to myself on 07791592833 or email

Matt Robinson

LtL Scotland Director

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