Looking to the future for Learning through Landscapes

Carley Sefton, our CEO, and Alison Motion, our Scotland Director, discuss how the growth of the charity has led to exciting changes for 2019.

Here at Learning through Landscapes, we are proud to lead incredible outdoor education, activities and training helped by a network of passionate individuals across all four nations of the UK and overseas.

The past year has seen these services grow on an exciting scale as our global reach continues to expand; to us, the sky really is the limit.

Whilst we have delivered our services across the four nations and internationally for a long period of time, we have done so under many different guises. In Scotland, we have been known as Grounds for Learning. Across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and abroad we have often been known primarily for our individual projects. And yet, nearly three decades ago, the charity was born under one name: Learning through Landscapes.

We have therefore decided that, going forward, all our charitable activity will be consolidated into one core name: Learning through Landscapes (LtL).

We will also recognise our geographical arms, all of which will be featured across social media using their own hashtags (for example, #LtLCymru). You will still find our Scottish arm on social media as @LtLScotland.

Our Scottish team will remain in our base in Stirling, and will continue working supporting the Scottish outdoor learning and play sector, while championing the development and best practice in outdoor learning across all ages.

By having one name and one identity we can better show the huge breadth of work we carry out as an entire organisation, strengthening our case for future funding and positioning Learning through Landscapes as the leading outdoor learning and play charity to new, wider audiences.

Alongside our name change, we are thrilled to launch a long-awaited new website. Our new website will stand as a vital resource for all of our services, advice, resources, campaigns and events, with frequently updated tools and information that will further cement our position as industry experts.

We are proud and grateful for the wonderful community of supporters and followers we have across the entire UK.

But, now, we will be able to take our reach to the next level.

We hope you will continue to join us.

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