Fine Motor Stones

Use this early years activity to develop children's fine motor skills when using mark-making tools. This outdoor lesson idea enables children to creatively practise handwriting patterns.

Coding Sticks

Use this primary computing activity to practise coding using sticks. This outdoor lesson idea allows children to explore writing algorithms, sequencing, and debugging in a fun way.

Neolithic Dens

Use this primary history activity to support understanding of living in the Neolithic period. This outdoor lesson idea encourages pupils to draw on their knowledge and creativity to build [...]

Bubble Play

Use this early years science activity to have fun using different items to create bubbles in your grounds. This outdoor lesson idea will encourage children to start making predictions based on [...]

Kandinsky Art Exhibition

Use this primary art activity to produce a large Kandinsky style exhibition on your playground. This outdoor lesson idea will encourage creativity and team work to learn about a famous abstract artist.

Name Writing

Use this early years literacy and language activity to practise recognising names and the sounds within them. This outdoor lesson idea will encourage children to be creative and use chalk to make [...]

Nature Bingo

Use this play activity to explore and learn more about your outside space. This outdoor lesson idea will improve vocabulary and knowledge of the species in your local area, while playing a fun [...]