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Key Policies – Wales

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Foundation Phase

Children will be given more opportunities to explore the world around them and to understand how things work through engaging in relevant practical activities which are fun and enjoyable and relevant to their developmental stages. The Foundation Phase places greater emphasis on experiential learning, active involvement and using the outdoor environment.

Excellent guidance is available in the Foundation Phase (Wales) Outdoor Learning Handbook, read the full report here.


Primary & Secondary

Wales is currently (2019) in the process of changing the curriculum at KS2-4. The new curriculum has a broader focus on equipping pupils for life. It will build their ability to learn new skills and apply their knowledge more positively and creatively.

Teachers will have more flexibility to teach in ways that they feel have the nest outcomes, but a central focus on assessment and digital skills is core to their work. Outdoor Learning Wales has many examples of how teachers and educators are now making use of this freedom in approach, click here to see their website.

Currently Wales leads the world in the implementation of the Global Goals for Sustainability and Well-being Goals, as a legal requirement for all areas of government and statutory provision. We fully expect the new curriculum to reflect these goals. This will create many opportunities for using outdoor learning and fee play in schools.

Read the full report here.


Wales and Play

For the last decade, Wales has seen a transformation in the policies and practice for play provision. The 2012 Wales Play Policy Implementation Guide required schools to not only provide free play opportunities, but train all staff in play types, behaviours, play needs and intervention styles. You can read the guide here.

In 2012 the Welsh Government also required all local authorities to undertake a ‘Play Sufficiency Assessment’, including provision in schools, nurseries and child care providers.

This policy has since been bolstered by the Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2013. This work has been supported by academics and third sector organisations, including LtL.

For more information on Play in Wales, please visit Play Wales here.

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